Dream #37

18 03 2010

I dreamed I was a Hiroshima Rainbow
the musk of mustard gas rattling in my lungs
chambers of cremation, chain gangs
disgusted prisons and courts of futility.

Why must I open my eyes to see?
The light is bright as pain.
Darkness will never mislead you,
you must memorize your steps.

In the dream my head exploded in colors
it was not unpleasant, only instructive.
My suit suddenly needed pressing, but I wore no suit.
Only Sartre recognized my existence.

As usual when I awakened, I could not remember this dream.
I tell it to you now only under the influence of stimulants.
Phantasms run like lava from my ears
Soon available on DVD.

in my dream we were lying side by side
and we were both dreaming
I was afraid you weren’t in my dream
you were afraid I wasn’t in yours
it was a dream dilemma.

I kept looking for you in my dream
as i know you looked for me
or at least I imagined you did
“can you imagine in a dream?” I asked.

In my imaginary dream I found you.
You were in repose and dreaming of me
I just know it.
Was I only imagining my dream?
What were you dreaming?




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