Let The Whales Fix It

14 05 2010

They’ve punched a hole in the world
our globe is deflating, bleeding out
the grease of life floats like a tumor
oysters are fried and shrimps are boiled
playing with guns we’re shot in the foot
can’t plug it with money or old ideas
leaking like a hemophiliac on fire
we stand stupid in quicksand singing
songs of the deep not known to whales

derricks like waterbugs skate on the sea
exploding cold as profit on the bottom line
thar she blows spitting balls of wax
Moby Dick can fix it with a baleen smile,
a patch of excuses and a Coppertone tan
mix it with vinegar and derivatives
that’s the dressing the whales enjoy

Orcas gather like toothsome nuns
too late for transfusions, time to entube
treasures, pleasures and drastic measures
the world goes slowly flat, oozes lymph
small fishes flip on the beach frying
even the algae are obese and greasy
whales once cornered the market on oil
now they laugh at our extinction

The Himalayas hiss and sink to the Hindu Cush
like a punctured souffle shrinking flat
the world is getting soft as a warm cheese
deflating, leaking ambergris and essence
the price of gas is embarrassed in free fall
the whales swim lubricated in doom
slick as death the planet shrinks
will the whales save us with their sperm?




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31 07 2011
The Peak Oil Poet

i am
and about me there is sound
my mothers heart
and singing
i am happy when she sings
and there far off and muffled
others sing

i see
as with a rush exploding
i am one with the sea
and singing!
all about me singing
and i am happiness
and freedom

i follow
mother singing
father, brothers, sisters singing
as we eat and fly and love
our happiness is a song
of joy
the world is ours

we hunger
no food is here
and it is time to go
no singing for we listen
listen for a sign
which way to go
if mother doesn’t know?

i hear
others singing
not our singing but alike
they are happy
and we shall sing there too
but it is far
we go

i listen
all are quiet
all listen
no singing
mother dives deep
where is happiness?

we wait
we listen
we know not where to go
the world is shrinking
trapped between heaven and hell
we are lost
no song

and far away
another group who followed
our happiness
wait stranded in the ocean
but our happiness is stilled
and our song is gone


18 10 2011
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