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Lightning Rod is a poet barely living in Dallas, Texas. You can find out more than you ever wanted to know about Lrod by visiting his web site.


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19 09 2012
Dana K May

Not exactly certain my landing here is about but here I am. Having no family i strated looking back and it seems some people i know little about pop up. one Valentine the Hugenaught. Saint Francis Xavier, Mother Cabrini. John Sevier, Davie Crocket. Seems some fled france and the other bloodline were Danish perhaps why my name is Dana. My life has been what could easily be described as outside of the box. A grand understatement, where most try to bury me in pitty I see beauty and light on levels I don’t believe they could comprehend. How could they understand what they can’t see or don’t even look for? The picture drawn for me I see through eyes of grey and yet see only color.
Love they hat, my hair about the same length but it to retains color. 3,287 my guess. any overage pass out to the old and young.

Can you think of any purpose I happened upon you?
Dana K May Aka;Professor Marijuana

A broken child of 48

Life for me perhaps to Late?

Will I be whole at 55?

Or will I be broken when I die?

54 on Saturday, everyone sees the pain in the words. Did you see the color in the space between the lines? “How could they understand what they can’t see or don’t even look for?” Through eyes of Grey

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