Religious Tolerance

29 01 2010

Religious Tolerance

the atheist girls are ok
long on logic, short on passion
agnostic girls give better head
but they rarely have a sense of fashion

catholics and fundamentals are the best
they are hesitant but willing and repressed

the hindu girls just drive me wild with their
kama kama kama kama
kama kama comma sutra

I’ve tried kinky scientologists
acupuncturists, astologists
methodists have good method
jewish maidens are great in the kibbutz

I did a turn with a Druze
muslims come in 72’s
I almost gave up religion for lent
but in the mornings my sheet was a tent

then there was the gnarly gnostic
more esoteric than erotic
I can’t find a Shinto or a Jain
my last Zoroastrian was a pain

actually, if I was pickin’
I’d prefer a pagan or a wiccan

Each and every one is foxy
no matter what her orthodoxy




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