The Ballad of Katman DooDah and Felonious Punk

5 02 2010

By Lrod and the Joy Urchin

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The BeBop Ballad of Katman Doodah and Felonius Punk

Katman Doodah and Felonius Punk
Who’d imagine I mean who’d a thunk it now
That pop-star wannabees with Bop Philosophies
Would make the right mistake; find heaven in jazz

(Chorus I) Wrong is Right
Less is More
Never felt like this before.

Katman said, “Felonius, I’m a dyin’ man
but I’m not gonna give it up; gonna do what I can
Just one thing bothers me ’bout Bop Philosophy
How does one undertake
to make the right mistake (furthermore)
What’s the meaning of JAZZ?”

(Chorus I)

I said, “Katman, I’m just a Felonius Punk
You know how I am; if I’m not stoned then I’m drunk
But even I can see that pure Bop Philosophy
Has only one very simple basic fundemental
This could be the SECRET meaning of JAZZ
it says,

(Chorus II)Less is More
Wrong is Right
Can I sleep with you tonight?”

Katman Doodah and Felonius Punk
Cooked up some music; called it TumblinFunk
And though these two could not agree on Bop Philosophy, with typical defiance they stunned the world of science with the simple elegance
Of Their Theory of Jazz, it said:.

(Chorus II)




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